Meet our Healthcare Professionals

Liv Labs is proud to sponsor the Liv Labs Healthcare Professionals Advisory Council. This council is comprised of Healthcare Professionals that have shown their passion and commitment to the Liv Labs mission of providing premium quality products.

Meet our Chief Science Officer

"A Premium Hemp Oil is, in my opinion, and essential part of a well planned health and wellness strategy- my search for that product ended with Liv Labs.

I now have a product line I can put my reputation behind."

Stephen O'Connor M.D.

Liv Labs Chief Science Officer

Stephen O’Connor M.D. graduated from the Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan.

His post graduate training at the Sinai Hospital of Detroit. He has 33 years as an Emergency Medicine Physician, with over half of those years as a Director of Emergency Services.

He was selected on the list of Pfizer’s “250 Most Positive Doctors in America”, and has served as a clinical preceptor for Medical Residents, Medical Students, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Paramedics.

“I have been a Medical Specialist on nine mission trips to five different underserved countries. My medical interests lie in Integrative Medicine, with a special emphasis on nutritional and exercise wellness, including specific interests in the benefits of hemp oil extracts.

“I’ve been married to my amazing wife Michelle for 34 years, have five adult children, four beautiful grandchildren, and two dogs. I’ve competed in nine Ironman competitions and two Ironman World Championships. I’ve completed the Leadville 100 mile ultramarathon, as well as numerous other ultramarathons, marathons, and triathlon races.

”I enjoy woodworking, scuba diving, skiing, painting, meditation, and organic gardening. I am a lifelong student and learner.”

A Premium Hemp Oil is, in my opinion, an essential part of a well planned health and wellness strategy— my search for that product ended with Liv Labs. I now have a product line I can put my reputation behind.”

"Health is a journey and not a destination. Liv Labs products will definitely improve your journey towards a healthier life"
Bruce Phillips DC


Doctor Bruce Phillips is a chiropractor at Jennings County Chiropractic in North Vernon, IN. Specializing in treating patients struggling with neck, back pain, headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, and more.

Licensures and Certifications

  • National Board Certified; Chiropractic
  • Indiana State Chiropractic License
  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (C.C.S.P.)
  • Impairment Rating (AMA Guides) Certified
  • Certified Biocranial Practitioner
  • Certified Bioenergnic Synchronization Technique Practitioner


Memberships and Associations

  • American Chiropractic Association
  • Indiana State Chiropractic Association
  • American Chiropractic Association Sports Council
"I appreciate all of the benefits of cbd , especially for stress, sleep and inflammation. It makes it even better to offer organically grown Hemp products from such a reputable and honest company."
Dr. Jeffrey Donohue

Family Medicine

Dr. Jeffrey A. Donohue, owner and operator of BodyLogicMD of Birmingham as well as BodyLogicMD of Atlanta with telehealth option, dedicates his practice to anti-aging medicine, bioidentical hormones, and customized programs which help women and men resolve the symptoms of hormone imbalance, including weight gain, sexual dysfunction, declining energy levels and stress, brought on by menopause and andropause, thyroid disorders and adrenal fatigue.


  • Earned his medical degree from Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1992 and
  • Completed his residency in Family Practice at the University of Alabama College of Community Health Services in 1995.
  • Dr. Donohue received the Resident Excellence in Teaching Award in 1994
  • Became the Chief Resident in 1994-1995.
  • He was Board Certified as a Diplomat by the American Board of Family Practice in 1995.


Board Certifications, Associations and Training:

  • Member of BodyLogicMD a national network of highly trained physicians specializing in Natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.
  • Member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Extensive training in anti-aging provided by the fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • AMA Board Certified Family Practice
  • AMA Board Certified in Regenerative and Functional Medicine
  • ABSP Board Certified Obesity Medicine
  • Board Certified in Integrative Medicine by the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABOIM)
"Liv Labs is a company of pure integrity and in my opinion, produces the highest grade of CBD available. My patients get incredible results - my business associates get the opportunity for life changing financial freedom."
Dr. Jen Furcht


Dr. Jen Furcht is a Master of BioEnergy, prosperity coach, author and speaker from Malvern, PA. She has been in private practice for over 16 years. Through extensive training and travel around the world, Dr. Jen has learned and experienced how to integrate Eastern and Western aspects of healing for optimal results.

At her office, Whole You Wellness and Pilates Studio, LLC, she is known in the community for helping many people that have not been able to find relief with other types of care. During tailored sessions, she uses an integrated approach of body alignments, subconscious re-patterning, energy work, and intuitive counseling for transformation.

In addition, Dr. Jen has reached clients on a global level as a Co-Master Trainer for L.E.A.P. A high level online program that creates quantum shifts in body, business, and life. This wealth building system will guide you to unleash your abundance, to live your highest potential, share your gifts and be an empowered entrepreneur. Dr. Jen is also the author of three books Meet Nothing, Have Everything, A Soul Level Journal and Live, Love, Paws. All books have been written with an intention to shift consciousness, awaken your dreams and feel good in the body. Degrees and Certifications: Clinical Nutrition. Board certified in Chiropractic and physical therapy. Spiritual B.E.S.T practitioner, Energy Codes Certified, Energy Codes Yoga Certified, Angelic Reiki Master, Sacro- Occipital Technique, Organ therapy, Cranial therapy, Energy Medicine
"I am thrilled and so grateful to be the newest member of the HPAC for Liv Labs. This appointment offers an incredible platform for me to help impact the health and wellness of hundreds of thousands --many more than I could in my clinical practice alone. It allows me to serve our brand partners and customers with unique and sophisticated blends of natural CBD products. I share the vision of establishing a complete functional line of products. "
Dr. Campbell


Christina Campbell, DO, FACEP is an Osteopathic-trained physician, Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Certified in Functional Medicine, and is also a Certified Endocannabinoid Professional. Born and raised in Florida, she received her B.A undergraduate degree from the University of Florida. She then received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from the University of New England in Maine. Dr. Campbell completed a general rotating internship in Ohio and her residency training in MI where she currently lives with her husband and 2 beautiful children. With 28 years of experience in medical practice, she is passionate about natural methods for health and she understands how to use the body’s natural systems to reverse chronic issues. Understanding the difficulty for access to such care, she utilizes telehealth to better serve her patients.

"I’m honored to share these products with my patients"
Dr. Amelia Jacang


Dr. Amelia Jacang is a much beloved and renowned Pediatrician who has practiced medicine for over 50 years! She is on the board for numerous medical organizations as well serving as President for local philanthropic societies in Hawaii.

"My own personal research proves the benefits of CBD."
Dr. Oscar Pizarro

Internal Medicine

Dr. Oscar Pizarro is an Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine specialist. His experience with the product, the business, and his understanding of leading edge health and wellness strategies will add more validation to your business and confidence that you are representing the best hemp oil line on the planet.

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